Alert 17-01: Recommended RAL Colors for Steel Drums

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The RAL color standard is a color-matching system developed in 1927 by RAL Colours, an independent quality assurance organization in Germany. Still maintained by RAL and now used around the world, it provides companies with a color palette that is accepted globally in industrial applications. An RAL-based color system offers a number of benefits:

  • Colors range across the commercial spectrum.
  • The colors transform every new steel drum into an effective advertising and sales promotion medium for an end-user’s products.
  • Virtually all new steel drum manufacturers use the RAL-based color system, so the end-user is assured consistent color matching on all new steel containers, no matter the manufacturer.


ISDI’s RAL Color Palette

To assist domestic and international customers in the selection of attractive and uniform colors for steel drums, the Industrial Steel Drum Institute (ISDI) has developed a set of 20 standard drum colors based on the RAL matching system. These recommendations are the result of an extensive analysis by and agreement among ISDI manufacturers, their paint suppliers and customers.

The use of ISDI’s RAL-based colors provides end-users with a wide array of paint options to meet every application. It also provides a whole range of options when developing a new color scheme for container specifications. Simply use the system as a guide and specify the color by name and corresponding number.

Moreover, 14 of the colors on the ISDI palette have been adopted worldwide. These 14 colors, indicated by asterisks (*), are also included in the recommended palettes of the European Association of Steel Drum Manufacturers (SEFA) and the International Confederation of Drum Manufacturers (ICDM).

Download a copy of ISDI’s RAL Color Palette.

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Issued 02/17; Updated 12/17; Updated 02/20
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