ISDI Publishes Steel Drums 101 Technical Webinar

(Severna Park, MD) Today, the Industrial Steel Drum Institute (ISDI) unveiled Steel Drums 101, a technical webinar that provides viewers with a high-level understanding of this critical industrial packaging option.

“As one of the most widely used types of industrial packaging for non-hazardous and hazardous goods, due to their strength, durability and unparalleled safety record, steel drums play a critical role in storing and transporting valuable resources around the world,” said Susan Nauman, executive director of ISDI. “This webinar is an important tool that those interested in steel drums as a packaging solution, as well as those new to the industry, can use to quickly understand the value of this product.”

The 50-slide presentation discusses the unique components of steel drums, including the difference between open-head and a tight-head drums, that make them so versatile, sustainable and safe. Viewers will learn how these drums are manufactured, painted and lined to properly transport and store the materials they may contain.

They’ll also gain knowledge on how to interpret the UN marking on every steel drum and learn about the performance standards behind them. Finally, the presentation explains the capabilities and safety advantages of those steel drums equipped with fusible plugs.

The webinar is available within the Resources section of and on ISDI’s YouTube page. Click here to view the webinar.