ISDI and TRANSCAER® Debut New Seconds Count Video on Steel Drums

(Washington, DC) – The Industrial Steel Drum Institute (ISDI) and TRANSCAER® announced, as part of TRANSCAER’s Seconds Count video series, a new 90-second animation aimed at educating first responders in communities near transportation routes on the basics of steel drums and fusible plugs.

“Businesses that use a fusible plug when shipping and warehousing flammable and combustible materials dramatically increase the safety and security of a steel drum – one of the industrial packaging industry’s safest containers,” said Kyle R. Stavig, chairman of ISDI and CEO of Myers Container LLC, General Steel Drum LLC and CEO of North Coast Container LLC. “We hope this information will help our nation’s first responders better understand the nature of these drums and how to handle them during an event.”

Fusible plugs are drum closures, similar to standard steel plugs, but made of impact‐resistant nylon, polyethylene or propylene resin. When equipped with fusible plugs and paired with the proper suppression designed in accordance with NFPA Code 30, Chapter 16, steel drums can be the safest containers available in today’s market for flammable and combustible materials.

“This new training is what TRANSCAER is all about – using the knowledge and expertise of our sponsors to better train and prepare our emergency responders,” said Keith Silverman, chairman of the National TRANSCAER Task Group and vice president global operations, quality and EHS at Ashland.

The Basics of Steel Drums and Fusible Plugs is the 29th Seconds Count video. The series, distributed by TRANSCAER and hosted on its website, includes interviews with transportation and manufacturing industry leaders, as well as short animations educating first responders on how to deal with products or situations they may come across when responding to a situation.