TRANSCAER® Welcomes the Industrial Steel Drum Institute as a New Sponsor

(Washington, DC) – The Industrial Steel Drum Institute (ISDI) is pleased to be the newest sponsor of the TRANSCAER®, a voluntary national outreach effort that educates and assists first responders in communities near transportation routes on how to prepare for and respond to a possible hazardous material transportation incident.

“On behalf of the entire National TRANSCAER® Task Group, I am thrilled to welcome Kyle Stavig, Sue Nauman and the members of ISDI,” said Keith Silverman, chairman of the National TRANSCAER® Task Group and vice president global operations, quality and EHS at Ashland. “ISDI represents the first industrial packaging organization to become a sponsor, and I know our first responders will benefit from the experience and expertise that they will bring to the table.”

ISDI represents the manufacturers who produce more than 26 million 55-gallon steel drums each year in the United States. These drums provide the safe transport of a variety of products, ranging from high-hazard chemical and petroleum products to food additives and concentrates. Suppliers of materials and components to the industry serve as Associate Members of the institute.

“We’re delighted to connect with an organization like TRANSCAER®, which does a wonderful job of providing training and support for the first responder community,” said Stavig, chairman of ISDI and CEO of Myers Container LLC and General Steel Drum LLC. “We look forward to sharing information about steel drums that will help first responders do their jobs with greater safety.”

ISDI’s mission is to promote the common interests of its members through government relations, technical research, education and information exchange, media relations, and generic marketing programs.

ISDI represents the industry before federal agencies and the U.S. Congress, acts as liaison with other industry groups and individual corporations, and plays an active role with international organizations, including the U.N. Committee of Experts on the Transport of Dangerous Goods.

Other national TRANSCAER® sponsors include: American Chemistry Council, API, Association of American Railroads, CHEMTREC®, Renewable Fuels Association, The Chlorine Institute and The Fertilizer Institute.